Disgraced Noble with a Dark Hunger


Sin stands 6’5" and carries with him an aura of malice. Slung across his back he carries a massive earth breaker and a lucerne hammer. His eyes have a red gleam to them and he carries himself with an air of confidence and authority, Until he gets angry however…


Sebastian Ignacius Nikolai was not born into an easy life. Born into a noble family, but tainted by his mother’s abyssal heritage as well and the lingering curse of undeath from a vampire bite that his mother only barely recovered from, he constantly had to protect himself from the assassination attempts of those that feared him in the Courts as well as to rebuff the scathing words of those who started rumors of his demonic origins to have him ousted at court. He was taught at an early age that composure is everything at Court and to always keep his temper under control. He didn’t understand why until the age of 16 when a lesser noble boy of around the same age began insulting Sebastian’s mother. Despite his best attempts to remain calm, the boy would not stop the tirade of insults and Sebastian lost it. When he did, his entire body tensed and flooded with abyssal energy, his hands growing into claws and his canines protruding from his jaw. Needless to say, the boy did not survive the encounter. Once his blood awakened, it took the deaths of several other lesser nobles and one of a high house before he got his anger under control. Once the bloodrage ended, his features returned to normal, but the magic awakened in his blood did not cease its singing. Knowing that the murder of so many nobles would bring nothing but death to his family, he returned for only a day to gather up needed materials and say goodbye to his mother, father, sister, and servants.

Arming himself with the heaviest and bluntest weapon he could find to avoid the spilling of too much blood, he left the city and hit the road. Using only his initials during his travels, he seeks to redeem himself before returning to the city and to his Queen. As time passes though, ambitions change…


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