Eva Ufkin

An ambitious girl of 17 from the merchant class.


Eva Ufkin is an ambitious girl of 17. The adopted daughter of a successful merchant. She seeks to know herself and her powers. She is light of skin though some would call her skin grey. Her hair is a pale red though in the right light it looks white. She stands only 5’6’’ at 132lbs. Despite her small size she is hardly defenseless. She is able to call upon innate magically abilities to fend off any that might give her trouble.


The forest grew dark and quiet around Belor Ufkin as he rode along the old forest path to the village of Kein. A dread grew upon him as he neared his destination and as he came to the old stone bridge which marked the village’s border; his horse suddenly stopped and refused to go farther. Belor tried to calm the steed but the horse continued to stamp at the ground in front of the bridge before finally rearing. Belor was thrown from the saddle and his horse fled back down the old forest path with flared nostrils and eyes bulging from terror.

Belor watched his horse flee before turning toward the path that lay before him. He steadied himself and drew his blade. He crossed the old stone bridge hesitantly shifting one foot in front of the other, the silence of the forest growing ever more oppressive. Forcing himself forward he found himself on the edge of the forest staring at Kein, small plumes of smoke rose from the village. His mouth was dry and every instinct told him to flee, to turn back now and never look upon this place again.

He forced himself forward. The road into the village had been barricaded but the barrier had been torn apart. Mangled corpses lay strewn across the grown. He forced himself to look at the corpses. The injuries that took these lives were not caused by sword, spear, or arrow but instead looked to be caused by claw and tooth as if some ravenous creature had attacked the town.

Belor was not one to hold the gods in high regard but as he stared down the path before him he found himself saying a pray to any god that would listen. He found his feet leading him into the village towards the tallest building at the heart of the village; a small church to Abadar.

The doors of the church lay broken on the ground, seemingly torn from the walls. In the dim candle light still burning within the church he could make more broken and mutilated bodies upon the cold stone floor. As he climbed through the ruined door way movement in the corner caught his eye. He leveled his sword ready for an attack from whatever creature did this but what he saw surprised him. Squirming on the floor a newborn babe lay still attached to her mother.

He gathered the child up and wrapped her in his cloak. As he held and stared at the child a hope filled him as he watched her grey skin lighten; “I don’t know whether tis luck or unluck that you survived child.” He told the newborn aloud forgetting where he was. As he voice reverberated across the walls the corpses which once lay still began to thrash and rise. Terror once again gripped Belor and he fled from the town clutching the newborn to his chest. He fled down the old forest road allowing his instincts to rule him just as his horse had.

Belor fled many miles stopping only when life and light had returned to the forest and his feet could no longer carry him. He laid his back against a tree and looked upon the child he had carried from that accursed place once again. “Eva” slipped from his lips as fell into a deep slumber.

He awoke many hours later to his horse’s nose in his face, the child still grasped in his arms. He wearily mounted his horse and began his long journey home. He gave up the adventurer’s life. Belor used what money he had to start a small business in trade goods; he proved to be adapt at this new life and in a few years was a successful and respected merchant.

It was on Eva’s 4th birthday when odd things began to happen around Belor’s estate. Servants would have a feeling of dread overcome them, become very fatigued, or feel the heat drain out of them all upon her touch. People would see disturbing images or hear odd sounds whenever Eva was around. Odd lights could be seen traveling throughout Belor’s estate. A cat that everyone had thought dead was seen roaming the estate once again. These oddities only increased in frequency over the years culminating on Eva’s 8th birthday when a servant mistook her for a walking corpse. Belor’s fears that the nature of her birth had some lasting effect grew and he sought help.

A wandering wizard heard the plea for assistance and responded. Over a long night Belor recounted the tale of Eva’s birth to the wizard which he had never told before. The spent several nights studying and witnessing the odd events before providing an answer to Belor; “It would seem that whatever magic’s lay upon that village you found her in seeped into the childs being.” The wizard told Belor his words weighted with seriousness. Belor wept at the news and pleaded with the wizard to remove this curse from his child. “This is not a curse Belor” the wizard told him “but even if it were there is no way to remove it.” At this Belor’s sobs increased. “I can however teach her how to control it. She has magic in her Belor, a craft that many such as myself spend years learning to do even the simplest of spells. It is coming naturally to her and with time and guidance she could go on to do great things.”

The wizard stayed at Belor’s estate and began teaching Eva how to control the magic that was flowing out of her. The odd events lessened and eventually stopped and Eva began to understand her nature. By her 13th birthday Eva was able to cast spells and no longer had to concentrate to keep her magic from flowing out of her uncontrolled. She was only able to the simplest of things but could she could feel greater power residing inside of her.

Eva began craving knowledge. It became her ambition to unlock the powers within her and to be the master of them. She was soon asking questions that not even the wizard could answer and so on her 17th birthday she left. Leaving only a farewell note she travelled into the world seeking knowledge of herself and her power. Her ambition in life was born; she would know the truth about herself and her powers no matter the cost.

Eva Ufkin

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