A Mysterious Traveler from the Desert


Ragnorok stands 6’8 and always seems to be slightly obscured by smoke. A massive club and axe are strapped to his back while a kukri hangs from his side.


Ragnorok descends from a clan of recently slain savage orcs that dwelled in the deserts of Katapesh. His father was the mighty chieftain of the Blackrock Clan while his mother was the sheikh of a nomadic band of Jann. He was born of a union that usually occurs when a violent war-chief takes interest in a women. With many of her people killed in an orc raid, she was forced to submit to the chieftain to save the remainder of her people. She managed to escape shortly after, but not before learning of the wholesale slaughter of her people. Vowing vengeance against the orcs, she fled to the nearest human city of Katapesh and made a name for herself as a traveling bard. About 9 months later however, she gave birth to a child of the violent union. Naming the child Ragnorok for what she desired him to represent, she raised him with only vengeance in mind for the first ten years of his life. He would be the end of his father. Violence however, was not in her heart and she grew to love the child of rage. As soon as he was old enough to comprehend music, she began to teach him her talents. He was drawn toward percussion rather quickly and used his innate magic from his mother’s side to bring to manifest drums from thin air whenever he felt like playing, using massive clubs to beat them. When he turned 21, his mother told him of how he came to be and his rage caused his arms to burst into flame. He tracked down his father and challenged him. The result was a charred body and becoming the new chieftain. His rage was not quelled with just the killing of his father however and soon the entire orc clan was nothing but ash in the desert wind. Since then he has traveled, joining battles that were not his own and beating his drums to the sound of war. Many he meet come to regard him as a general and his ambition has lead many to know his name.


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